Opinion: The phenomenon of skinny versus fat

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By Yessenia Navarro

“I want to look just like that model, she is beautiful, skinny and is admired by everyone.” Those are the words that come out of my mouth every time I see a beautiful figure on TV and I’m betting I’m not the only one who has said those same words to themselves.

Why hasn’t anyone ever questioned why being skinny is preferred when it comes to body types? Our world is filled with hate and judgment when someone doesn’t look perfect or is heavier than most. Entertainment media tells every little girl and boy that skinny and fit is the way to go and if they’re not than something is wrong with them.

Bullying has become such a huge problem in society and a lot of the bullying is done to someone who is heavier or is not the typical body frame. Once someone has told you that you are fat that can mess with the mind especially if the person is in their teen years. It can cause so much harm, teenagers may engage in drugs to lose weight or they can end up having an eating disorder because they want to look skinny due to someone telling them they are fat or television is saying skinny is better. I myself have been bullied for my looks and I decided to make myself vomit in order to get skinner, I didn’t like the feeling so I never did it again but the fact that I even tried it because I was being bullied is a problem and it is a problem that all our youth is facing today. Why is being skinny versus fat preferred in society? Has anyone ever even thought of that? Yes being fit is better for your health but it doesn’t mean that skinny people are the only beautiful people in the world.

I feel like the entertainment industry is at fault for this issue we are having with weight. Everyone on television is portrayed to be these beautiful fit people and ordinary people at home start to feel down on themselves because they don’t look like that. Modeling agencies won’t even higher someone who is the “perfect size.” That is so sad because entertainment media and modeling agencies are destroying the self-esteems of our youth today. Looks are even going beyond entertainment, hiring companies most of the time hire people who are good looking and fit which is so unfair. It is sad that our country is based on outer appearance rather than a person’s personality traits.

Something needs to be done about this horrific issue that skinny is better than heavy. I feel a good way to start is to protest against the big modeling agencies and show them that we will not take no for an answer without them giving heavier females and males a shot. Entertainment shows also need to start portraying what an actual woman looks like rather than having someone unrealistically thin on TV who by the way has personal trainers and special people to make them look the way they do. There is one singer/song writer who has inspired me to make big girls feel good about themselves and her name is Meghan Trainor. She wrote a song called “All about the Bass.” Her song is about how there is nothing wrong with have a little more junk in the trunk and that being heavier should be embraced and that it is a beautiful feature. We need more positive influential people like that in our society especially when all little girls turn to television for entertainment and everything on TV is woman who don’t look like ordinary women.

I say we take a stand and say no more to the hate on body types. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and as a challenge I want every person who ever gets the chance to read this article to go up to any person and let them know they are a beautiful human being. It is time to pass the love and the appreciation around.

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