Election 2014: Knight Elected Congressman

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The midterm elections definitely proved that funding cannot guarantee votes. This year, two Republicans went head to head to replace former Congressman Buck McKeon.  Sen. Steve Knight triumphed in the race against former Sen. Tony Strickland 53.5-46.5 Tuesday. Strickland, who was backed by McKeon, outspent Knight 5-1, but the fact that he did not live in the congressional district he was running in, may have had impact.

Knight, who has a background in both law enforcement and the military, will now change his seat from Sacramento to Washington D.C.  Being a State Senator for the last two years, he represented territories that overlapped the 25th congressional district, including Santa Clarita Valley and the Antelope Valley. Ventura County was predicted to favor Strickland, however, the polling results showed Steve Knight did just as well in that area.

It was no surprise that Republican Scott Wilk defeated Democrat Jorge Fuentes 66.5-33.5 in the 38th Assembly district. Wilk maintained a heavy lead throughout the night.

In 36th district Republican Tom Lackey defeated one-term incumbent Democrat Steve Fox 61.5-38.5. This was an interesting race because if a Democrat regained office, they would have taken the supermajority in Sacramento, enabling taxes to be raised without any Republican support.

The ever so controversial Measure S gained over 50% of the votes needed in opposition for the electronic billboard deal to come to a halt. The deal would’ve replaced 62 billboards with 3 new electronic double-sided billboards along the 5 and 14 freeways.  Now the city will have to wait a year before a new deal can be renegotiated with METRO. The opposing side spent very little money on this ballot measure, but was very vocal through protests throughout the city.

Residents voted “yes” on Measure EE in the Saugus Unified School District. The measure will allow repairs to be made to the elementary schools and permit upgraded technologies in classrooms.

Jim McDonnell defeated former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka for LA County Sheriff.  McDonnell has worked in law enforcement for 33 years and has lead the Long Beach Police Department since 2010. Paul Tanaka was easily defeated, and has been under major scrutiny in the FBI’s jail violence investigation.

The Castaic Lake Water Board Agency held on to the incumbents Tom Campbell, Ed Colley, and Robert DiPrimio for another four years.

Lastly, the California Board of Equalization retained Republican George Runner for four more years, defeating Democrat Chris Parker.

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