The Walking Dead March Comes To Newhall

by Brandon Iriarte 586 views0

With darkness surrounding them and the streets desolate of any human life, zombies strolled down Main Street seeking human flesh.

Thankfully, they weren’t real.

Brave New World Comics held their annual Zombie March on Oct. 12; the same day as The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere. Event-goers of all ages enjoyed activities like face-painting, minigames, Walking Dead trivia, and even classic pinball machines. Food trucks were stationed outside the store to fulfill the zombies’ ever-lasting appetite.

When the sun started to settle down around 6:45 p.m., the zombies in unison walked out of the store located between Lyons Avenue and Chestnut Street. They made their way to Main Street with store employees making sure the streets were safe for the living dead to march down.

Several more activities and casual conversations continued after the march until 9 p.m. The Walking Dead premiere was shown on a projector inside the store, with everyone eagerly following Rick Grimes’ latest struggle.

Alongside the Zombie March, Brave New World Comics also held the SCV Food Pantry Canned Food Drive. Attendees of the Zombie March event had the option to enter a raffle to win several prizes, including the first Walking Dead Graphic Novel signed by creator Robert Kirkman himself. Guests could either donate canned foods for several tickets, or buy tickets individually for $1 each.

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