Mini Style Hacker

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A Santa Clarita mother of two is the newest sensation on Instagram with her Mini Style Hacker blog.

It all began when she saw “fashion kids” on Instagram wearing Gucci belts and expensive clothes. She then starting mimicking their styles along with other celebrities.  Collette Wixom’s goal is to recreate high fashion outfits for children at an affordable price. With 190,000 followers and counting, Wixom continuously posts photos of the latest fashions.

She finds different ways for her sons to pose for the camera by playing games with them. “You have to be really creative with your play, or it’s all battles, wrestling and sword fights” Wixom says.

Most of the clothing Wixom purchases can be found at local shopping malls as well as Target, Kohl’s, Gap and Baby Gap. As her children grow older, she plans to evolve the blog and include fashion for girls.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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