LA County Sheriff candidates “Meet and Greet”

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LA County Sheriff candidates Jim McDonnell and Paul Tanaka stood front and center at the Mint Canyon Moose Lodge on Wednesday night to garner public support for their campaigns.

Both McDonnell and Tanaka had a chance to meet Canyon Country locals and answer questions from the audience.

McDonnell arrived to the event a full 45 minutes late due to a prior engagement. This allowed Tanaka to speak uninterrupted for a majority of the scheduled hour long debate portion of the event.

When asked, Tanaka voiced his disapproval of proposition 47; the decriminalization of non-violent offenders, saying that it would lead to an increase in crime.

McDonnell on the other hand asserted that the proposed measure would have both negative and positive consequences but did not officially take a position.

With the election closing in, both candidates made a last ditch effort to garner whatever support they could in their closing statements.

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