Fight For it Now

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Fight For It Now is an indoor/outdoor boot camp that specializes in helping people lose weight and reach their fitness goals. It all began when a couple, Lyndan and Vanessa Coleman, decided to open their very own boot camp in Santa Clarita. Vanessa, the only certified Beach Body Master trainer in Santa Clarita, wanted to provide the best workout routines for anyone who was interested in targeting their current weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

“I feel our workouts are different because we teach the best of both worlds,” Vanessa says, when she explains that their boot camp incorporates one-on-one training along with fitness routines in which she applies music and encourages her clients to stay fit. They offer Piyo, Iron Man, Cardio and strength training,personal one-on-one training and a variety of other training methods.

Fight for it Now is located in Canyon Country and offers classes Monday through Saturday. Check out their website at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They offer discounts to COC students as well as discounts for families and friends.

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