Fire damages Colossus at Six Flags

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The legendary Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain caught fire Monday afternoon. Video of the fire shows the top section collapsing after being completely engulfed in flames.

“A welder caught Colossus on fire,” said an official at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. “Spectators are blocking roads watching the fire.”

“The fire at the top of the lift hill at Colossus is now out,” said Sue Carpenter, spokeswoman for Six Flags Magic Mountain. “It was started while work was being done to disassemble the ride. The park was closed today and there were no injuries. Colossus has been closed since August 17 for renovation.”

“It’s a 1,000-square-foot fire on Colossus,” said Steven Guerro, a student worker with the Fire Department. “There are no reported injuries. Stations 156, 126 and 124 are responding.”

The fire was declared “knocked down” at 2:07 p.m.

“Magic Mountain is closed for the day. The park was completely closed,” said Scott Miller, a Los Angeles County Fire Department inspector. “We’re meeting with Six Flags Magic Mountain officials. There are no injuries from our personnel.”

Hazmat, Urban Search and Rescue, two paramedics, a ladder truck and two engines were on scene, officials said.

“They’ve been working on (Colossus) since August. The cause of the fire is undetermined,” said Fire Department spokeswoman Stephanie English. “The structure is compromised and we are making sure no falling pieces put anyone is jeopardy.”

Magic Mountain officials and Fire Department officials were working together to “make it safe,” she said.

Fire Department personnel said they were concerned the “remaining structure” would collapse.

Opened in 1978, Colossus closed Aug. 16. Six flags recently announced plans to relaunch it as “Twisted Colossus,” with steel track replacing the original wooden track.

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