Blogger denied access to LeAnn Rimes concert

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Photo via Twitter user: @Jersey_5

Blogger Ilana Angel and a guest were asked to leave and promptly escorted off the COC Valencia Campus after waiting in line for a LeAnn Rimes concert at The Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center on Sunday, Sept. 28.

Angel has written a number of provocative comments about the country-pop singer on her blog and various other social media outlets, even going so far as to say “she has no career” and is “stupid, spiteful, [and] idiotic” in a post she titled “The Delusional LeAnn Rimes.” Despite her apparent distaste for the singer, Angel openly tweeted about buying tickets to see her in concert.

Before entering the theater, the blogger claims campus safety officers asked her and her guest to leave the venue without reason. She cooperated with campus safety, and was issued a full refund before being escorted out to her vehicle by two LA County Sheriff Deputies.

According to Deputy Josh Dubin, The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department was contacted by a school official who said that Angel was a threat to public safety.  Rimes, who knew of the blogger’s attendance, threatened to cancel her performance if Angel was allowed to attend the show.

Angel and her friend left the venue without a struggle, but tweeted several photos of campus safety officers and Sheriffs Deputies, accompanied by a few pointed remarks. The blogger has since published a post titled “My Evening with LeAnn Rimes and the LA County Sheriff,” detailing what she describes as “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced in my professional life.”

The school’s only official statement about the incident comes from Public Information Officer, Eric Harnish, who told Cougar News, “Campus Safety officers were working last night.  They routinely work during weekends, and are on duty when we have large events, such as a sold-out show by a well-known entertainer like LeAnn Rimes.  Officers were at the Performing Arts Center last night before the show to address a potential disturbance.  We took reasonable steps to prevent anything from occurring that may have affected the audience or the performer.”

Cougar News contacted Angel, who politely declined an interview, or any further comments about her experience.

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