“Beauty and the Beast” takes over the Performing Arts Center

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast once said “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,” and College of the Canyons might have just what she was looking for. The Performing Arts Center will be hosting the “Beauty and the Beast” ballet this weekend.

“…it’s a magical, transformative experience. There is going to be lots of incredible, colorful costumes, beautiful backdrops, beautiful dancing, and there’s also some interesting stage magic.” said Carol Guidry, the artistic director of the Santa Clarita Ballet, telling us a few things we can expect from the ballet.

“Beauty and the Beast is a very whimsical ballet, it’s really fun. There’s a lot of comedy bits and there’s also some very beautiful dancing within the animals and all the different characters,” said Emily Chapman who plays the wallflower in “As the Piano Rolls.” Jeremiah Tatum, the suitor to Belle and the soloist in “As the Piano Rolls,” said that “[Beauty and the Beast has] not only amazing dancing, it’s an inspiring story.”

This ballet will also have a black light scene as well as a “Pageant of the Masters” scene where they make a Botticelli painting come to life.

Beauty and the Beast will be at the Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 13 at 7:30 P.M. and Sunday, September 14 at 2 P.M.

Tickets are on sale at the door, over the phone at (661) 251-0366, or on www.santaclaritaballet.net

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