Spotlight: Baseball! The Exhibition

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Come out and relive baseball’s history with Baseball! The Exhibition currently on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum while you can.

The exhibition celebrates the great American pastime by showcasing artifacts- including the first balls, bats, gloves and uniforms ever used- to bring the history of the game to life right before your eyes.

This 12,000 square foot exhibition with over 700 artifacts, including some of the rarest, historic, and iconic baseball memorabilia from the largest known private collector in the U.S., as well as rare artifacts related to Ronald Reagan and baseball from his days calling Chicago Cub games featured, will only be on display until September 4, 2014.

“However, if it looks like the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to the World Series there is a consideration we might try to keep it open longer,” says Andrew Wulf, curator at the Ronald Reagan Library.

With some of the most iconic pieces of baseball history that guests will not find anywhere else in the world, such as Joe DiMaggio’s record setting ball that drove his 56 game hitting streak and Babe Ruth’s 1939 uniform from when he coached the Brooklyn Dodgers for a year to the rarest and most valuable of all baseball cards, there is something for everyone to enjoy regardless of which team you call your own.

However, there is a special section featuring the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers and their legacy in Los Angeles.

“One of the most special aspects of this exhibition is a very large section on the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, how they started as originally the Trolley Dodgers- that was their original name because people had to cross the trolley tracks to get to Ebbets Field and it was very dangerous- all the way up until their move to Los Angeles in the late ‘50s,” says Wulf.

The Dodgers have always been innovators of the game since their days in Brooklyn. In 1939, the Brooklyn Dodgers were the first televised team. In 1941, they were the first to use batting helmets for safety reasons, and they were the first team to move to the West Coast in 1958. Yet, most historically, they are known for being the first team to field the first African-American Major League ballplayer, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, in 1947, thus ending sixty years of segregation in baseball.

Wulf notes, “One of the main themes we wanted to address… was the history of segregation in baseball, and also the history of integration in baseball. We do have very robust sections in the exhibition on the Negro Leagues and other leagues that were not connected to Major League Baseball but were filled with Major League players who, some say, were better than MLB players. And the Jackie Robinson section shows the transition from the segregation of baseball and then integration, where a lot of these other leagues disappeared because all these great players were now playing with each other and against each other at the same time.”

Baseball fans of every age, die-hard or not, will enjoy the exhibition. “It’s a great place to visit, you’ll see baseball material you won’t find anywhere else, even in Cooperstown, New York.”

A ticket into the museum will get you in to see all that the Ronald Reagan Museum has to offer, and includes Baseball! The Exhibition. The Reagan Museum is open seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day. For ticket pricing and more information log on to

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