SCV teen arrested for making terrorist threats

by Antonio Curiel 16 views0

VALENCIA, Calif.— At approximately 9 a.m. Sunday morning, an unidentified 15-year-old male was arrested for posting threats to shoot various schools in the Santa Clarita Valley, but especially targeting high school students.

The juvenile posted at around 10 pm on Instagram saying that “FAMILIES WILL SUFFER, AND NO MERCY WILL BE SHOWN” while posting a photo with multiple firearms just before posting another photo “nominating” Valencia High School to be attacked.

Upon the arrest, Sheriffs found no weapons in the boys home and that the teen’s parents were very cooperative with the search and believe as of now that he acted alone.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department planned to have extra presence  in all of the 16 schools in the Santa Clarita Valley, especially high schools.

Multiple calls were made throughout the night about the post and  the images of the threats were quickly shared throughout social media.

Josh Dublin stated that the juvenile was charged with felony threat charges.

“This type of thing must be treated seriously and prank or not, real or fake,” Dubin said.

The Sheriff’s Department  teamed up with Instagram for the investigation of this case and authorities promise more information should it be uncovered.

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