Spotlight: 365 Days

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A New Years Resolution became an everyday life style.

Anthony Garcia, a student at College of the Canyons who’s interest is photography, went above and beyond by setting a personal challenge to post a new picture on Instagram for a whole year.

Anthony’s photography interest first began while taking a black and white photography class at COC.

Not only being enrolled in photography classes at College of the Canyons he improved his skills by learning on YouTube on his own.

This year Anthony is discovering himself through his 365 day challenge. He is exploring his ideas, creations, and his dreams. His subliminal messages throughout his photos would be to “Express his mood in an artsy way through Photoshop.”

Throughout the day Anthony plans his next photo idea,”In the morning, I think of an idea. In the afternoon, I usually come to school and prepare myself. I think of a location and what time of day I’m going to do it and at night I usually take the shots.”The only obstacles standing in his way is himself and seeing how far he can take his skills.

Anthony Garcia enters several different challenges for photography. Sometimes these contest are interesting and when winning there are certain perks. He entered a photo and won. He ended up winning his picture on Coffee Bags and coffee for a year.

In the future he hopes to become a professional conceptual photographer.

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