Spotlight: Victoria Leonard

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College of the Canyons’ very own Victoria Leonard briefly discusses her career as a professor of communications and how she connects with her students.

Leonard’s spark for teaching started back in 1981, where she first started off as a teacher’s associate while she was in graduate school.

However, in the beginning of her teaching career, she was not sure if she wanted to dedicate her life to being a teacher. She had another job in business as a pharmaceutical sales associate for four years and was a teacher’s aid at night.

But it did not take long for Leonard to realize that teaching was her calling in life, and she soon started teaching at California State University, Northridge for fourteen years.

During her stay at CSUN, she taught at community colleges as well. Some of the schools she taught at were Glendale Community College, Pasadena City College and College of the Canyons.

In 1995, College of the Canyons hired Victoria as a full-time teacher and she became the Head of the Department Chair shortly after that.

Victoria uses her personal experiences to help connect with her students at a deeper level. While being a wife, mother, colleague and teacher, Leonard is able to draw her interactions and utilize her experiences as a teaching tool to help students understand the concepts in her communication classes.

Leonard’s love for teaching made her emotional when the topic of retirement came up. She does not want to retire but plans of retirement are within a ten-year range.

She always hopes to stay connected with the school and is glad that she can make a difference in her students’ lives.


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