Spotlight: Susana Coronel

by Brandon Iriarte 817 views0

In charge of gathering volunteers for Santa Clarita’s events, there is no doubt that Susana Coronel is a major part of the community.

Events like the annual Cowboy Festival, the Santa Clarita Marathon and the River Rally could not be possible without the help of Susana and her volunteers.

“So many of our events could not be done without the help of our volunteers,” Coronel states.

Having been the Community Services Manager for Santa Clarita for the past 13 years, Susana is set to retire by the end of this year.

While discussing what her replacement should focus on, Susana stressed on the importance of giving the volunteers everything they need; she said that the community “has never let her down”.

“We’ve had fires and rain pour right before a marathon and I thought ‘my God the thousand volunteers aren’t going to show up’, but they did to cheer the marathoners on.”



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