Spotlight: Michael Hamilton

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After suffering a rotator cuff tear in his right shoulder, Santa Clarita native Michael Hamilton decided to change his dream of pursuing pro-baseball for becoming a deputy in the Sheriff’s Department.

Hamilton started playing baseball at an early age when his father first signed him up to play, and he stuck with the sport in high school all the way through college.

It wasn’t until college that Hamilton started playing the position of pitcher, and scouts for the professional teams started to take an interest in his abilities.

“It was pretty cool to think that I was actually good enough to be looked at by a scout for the pros,” he said.

Originally he started playing for Valley College in Burbank and later transferred closer to home to play for College of the Canyons until he got injured.

After his right pitching arm healed, Michael was recruited to play for Mission College, where he ended up playing his remaining years of baseball.

It was then that Michael decided to apply for the Sherriff’s academy. “I went in there prepared, did my research, talked to people who had been in the academy before, so I knew what to expect. I knew how to prepare myself, mentally and physically.”

At 24 years old, Hamilton recently graduated from the academy at the top of his class. As for his future in law enforcement he says he is “not sure yet, whether it’s going down the path of staying deputy or whether it’s going into a different field in the Sheriff’s Department. Maybe I may want to be a crime scene analyst.”

Hamilton is proud of how far he has come and believes success can only be achieved by working hard. His advice for others is to make sure “you actually did something with your life, you didn’t sit around and let life pass you by.”

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