Spotlight: Fit4Moms stroller strides

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Christine Beaumont, a 29-year-old mother of three, runs the Santa Clarita Fit4Moms Stroller Strides program. Fit4Moms is a nationwide franchise all over the United States as well as in Naval Bases overseas.

This program provides fitness and a great support group for women who want to lose that baby weight after giving birth and for women to get in shape while involving their children.

Beaumont finds easy and creative ways to get the children involved so that the mothers receive the most beneficial workout.

“We read books, we clap our hands, we try to get the kids involved so it keeps them entertained while the moms work out,” Beaumont says.

Beaumont has been in the fitness industry since college. She took dance when she was younger and minored in ballroom dance in college. Her previous job before starting Fit4Moms was working at a trampoline gym teaching courses and running the front desk.

She knows first hand how hard it is to get in shape while caring for her children, and that is why she did her research and stumbled upon a program that allowed mothers the get the best workout while caring for their children.

Beaumont owns the entire Santa Clarita Valley Fit4Moms Stroller Strides Program and hopes to expand throughout Santa Clarita in the near future.

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