Opinion: Facebook wants to redefine reality

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Facebook had made its second big purchase this year by buying Occulus Rift, a company developing a virtual reality headset for immersive gaming. What place does social networking have in the gaming community? According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-founder of Facebook, virtual reality goggles are the next step to a social platform and bringing the world together.

Zuckerberg claims to allow Occulus to go on with their vision of virtual reality gaming, but make it a platform for other experiences. “Imagine sharing not only moments with friends online, but entire experiences and adventures,” Zuckerberg says. His vision of connecting others is to put on a headset and be able to sit courtside at a basketball game, or take a virtual vacation.

That doesn’t sound like much of a connection to society. It is another way people don’t have to get off their couches and make much of an effort to connect to the real world.

Zuckerberg implies that the experiences and adventures we can have on virtual reality can be memorable. What is so memorable about sitting on the couch and putting on a pair of goggles? It’s the effort of taking the time to gather friends and family together and the journey that make memories.

It’s ironic how our society claims to be more and more connected to the world, but people are more connected to their phones or mobile devices than anything else. This once helpful website of connecting people no matter the distance, has become an addiction.

We should take the challenge to turn off our phones and mobile devices, and really connect with the community around us. Tell people what we like about them rather than clicking a “thumbs up,” or make the effort to really befriend someone rather than sending a friend request.

The world will still exist without the use of Facebook for a day.

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