Opinion: Eat More Food and Less Stuff

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By Jessie Crissman

We all have heard of the average inclining obesity rate in America and how bad for us fast food restaurants are, but have we really thought about what all the average grocery store food is doing to us? Yes many of us have watched “forks over knives,” “Food Fight,” “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” or any of the other food documentaries on netflix, but have we actually changed the way we ate after watching them?

People love food. Whether it’s burgers, fries, salads, pasta, waffles, or just a big steak, it could be consumed in a much healthier way than most people make it. They buy wholesale meat, microwavable waffles with sugary syrup to go along with it, and some angel hair egg noodle pasta without even looking at the ingredients that are in these products. Heck, someone could slap a label with rat poison in the ingredients and half the people buying it would probably never know. Ingredients are so important and the only way we can get an idea of what is going to being sitting in our stomachs shortly after.

There is a saying that if you can’t pronounce all the ingredients in your food, than you probably shouldn’t be eating it. This is so true! If more people researched ingredients of common products and found out what they really were made of, much less of those foods would be purchased.

No matter what people are always going to be eating food that isn’t very beneficial for them. Which is why they should aim to at least eat much less of it. Foods with crazy ingredients are commonly the foods that have more calories, have much less nutrients, and don’t even satisfy our hunger. If more thought were given to the food we eat, then we wouldn’t have to eat any less. The trick is to eat more of the real food and less of the fake “stuff.”

Often time’s people say they don’t eat healthy because they like to eat a lot of food and to be full. Well nobody made a rule saying that you can’t eat healthy and be full/satisfied at the same time. You can eat about 4 times the amount of healthy food versus unhealthy food and get the same exact full feeling along with more nutrients. Would you rather have a small smoothie or an extra large smoothie that is better for you than the small? Most likely the extra large. By changing the ingredients in the extra large smoothie to healthy alternatives, this could easily be done!

Instead of buying wholesale meat with all its antibiotics and animal cruelty behind it, buying a piece of grass-fed organic meat is much smarter. It eliminates the risk of being affected by any of the antibiotics the animal was given, any of the growth injections they had, and by any other things that could have been wrong with the factory farm animals. And instead of always choosing to grab milk off the shelf at the grocery store, you could grab almond milk or another milk alternative that has less calories and even more protein! There are healthy alternatives to all foods especially nowadays. Not only are there store bought and still processed alternatives but there are tons of recipes to make homemade natural things that require much less ingredients. And the less ingredients, the better.

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