Inside the mind of “Rent” director Matthew McCray

by Nick Culotta, Staff Writer 701 views0

The musical “Rent” is coming to College of the Canyons and the man responsible for the big show is Matthew McCray.

McCray is the director of “Rent” and has been a fan since he first saw the show in 1996 as a college student.

He grew to love the show so much that he convinced his parents to let him go out to New York and see it live on broadway.

McCray made his first ever trip to the Big Apple where he stayed with a friend. “Rent” was so popular that people were camping in line just waiting to see the show.

“I was on the street for 22 hours and eventually got my seat,” McCray said. “It was an exciting time.”

McCray was primarily focused on acting while in college. He always envisioned himself on broadway, but has now swapped roles and shifted his primary focus to directing.

“It’s a real treat and honor to be working on the production,” McCray stated.

The enthused director hopes the audience will take away a valuable lesson from this production.

“If somebody can come to this production, sit out here, and either see that they have something different about them that should be celebrated or that they learn to celebrate difference, I would feel very proud of that.”

You can catch “Rent” at the PAC from May 9th through May 17th. Tickets are just $10 for the general public and $5 for students.

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