COC examines speed of emergency notification system

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Many people wondered why there was a delay to alert students to shelter in after the gunman incident Tuesday evening. Some students did not receive the messages because there are professors that require their students phones to be shut off.

“The first messages went out before he was detained. Once we hit the send button than it is up to the individual [cell phone] carriers,” said Eric Harnish, COC Vice President of Public Information. “We have no way in controlling how quickly the messages are delivered.”

Students received shelter in place messages by text and email at 7:24 p.m. three minutes after the suspect was detained. The “all clear” messages were received a few minutes later and in some cases were received before the shelter in place messages.

COC have been implemented the Emergency Notification System program to help staff members practice emergency situations for 18 months.

“This was first time we that we actually used this system for an on-campus emergency in real life. In doing that, we learned some things, but overall, I would say it was an effective deployment,” Harnish said.

We look forward to going back and reviewing what we learned and making changes to improve it and make it more effective.”

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