Burger wars

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In honor of National Hamburger Day on May 28th, two local restaurants are competing for the best burger in the Santa Clarita Valley. What makes this competition so interesting is that the two restaurants involved are not your typical burger establishments.

Alesia Humphries, host of Studio Santa Clarita and Chief of Digital Sales for Signal Multimedia, is the woman behind the promotion.

“Burger Wars is a burger showdown!” Humphries said.

“It’s super fun, we came up with this idea that there are so many restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley, that how fun would it be for eight weeks for multiple restaurants to kind of duke it out…until we could come up with one great winner.”

The competition was originally open to all restaurants in the SCV, however only two responded. The competitors are Fresh Works California Grill off Cinema Drive and Hot Wings Cafe on the corner of McBean Parkway and Town Center Drive.

“It turned into a very small competition, just kind of two places that one wouldn’t think of as burger joints duking it out for the best burger in Santa Clarita.”

I went in to both restaurants and tried out the burgers for myself. The food was excellent, and the employees and owners of both restaurants were all very friendly and dedicated to providing exceptional food and service.

You can find coupons for “Burger Wars” located on The Signal’s website here.

Your task is simple: print out the coupons, go try both burgers and vote for your favorite one. You can vote for your favorite up to twenty times per day.

Voting also puts you in the drawing to win free movie tickets, and with all the big summer movies out right now, there has never been a better time to grab a burger.

By participating in “Burger Wars”, not only will you be enjoying great food, but you will also be supporting local Santa Clarita businesses. Keep an eye on The Signal’s web page for more food-themed showdowns in the future.

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