2014-2015 COC Associated Student Government Results

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The results are in for the new 2014-2015 Associated Student Government office positions.

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Elections for COC’s Associated Student Government were held this past Tuesday and Wednesday, making it easier to vote for students with now being able to vote on campus and online.

Even with making the voting process easier, however, only 611 students took to the ballots and voted out of the 15,000 students who are enrolled.

All of the candidates who were a part of the “6cess” party block won.

Within that party block were;

President Christine Colindres who feels she has more than enough experience to lead.

“I have acquired experience through being the current ASG Vice President of Inter Club Council, former President of the Communication Studies Club and the former Vice President of the Model United Nations Club.”

Executive Vice President Mark De La Cruz hopes to “let your voice be heard.”

Student Trustee Jared Moberg says he has “the experience, skill and dedication necessary to do great things,” he just needs the students’ help.

“Let’s build something together!”

Nicholas Cruz will serve as Executive Vice President of Activities and will “create the unforgettable college experience for all of us, and that every C.O.C. student takes pride in being a cougar.”

Officer of Marketing and Information Sahvanna Mazon plans to “encourage the student body to share their talents by submitting writing and photographs to the Paw Print for publication,” which will be her main focus.

Erika Villavicencio will be the new Vice President of Activities for the Valencia Campus with hopes to come in “with unyielding enthusiasm and commitment to promoting social growth by bringing the diverse student body together.”

“It is my hope that campus life will become richer and more enjoyable,” Villavicencio said.

Elected as Cultural Student Involvement Coordinator for the Valencia campus is Daniel Matook.

“I want to give you, the students, a memorable experience during this waypoint in your life,” Matook said. “My goal is the future.”

Though Cindy Nyoumsi was not in the party block of “6cess” she will be taking the position of Social Student Involvement Coordinator at the Valencia campus where she will “aspire to make student life less lonely and harsh by thriving to organize activities that will make most students enthusiastic to participate in.”

This upcoming year at COC will take flight for many associated student government changes around campus.

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