Opinion: Reality TV takes new approach on entertainment

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By Gabrielle Latade

It is such a convenience for us to be able to fast forward through commercials to get back  to watching the intense drama of our lovable or hateable reality TV stars. But did you ever noticevwhat these stars are eating? Drinking? Or where they go to buy nice clothes?

We have grown  close to these reality shows and the people who participate.  But do we really know the impact that they are having on our everyday lives? Advertainment is a concept created by producers and  editors of reality TV shows including  “The Real World” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

Advertainment is simply the crossing of advertisement and entertainment.  Although you don’t believe you are watching advertisements an hour everyday because  you use to the remote to avoid them, advertisements  are still being shown throughout the series you watch. This has not only given these production companies like Bunim/Murray and Viacom more income to work  with when creating new reality series, but has also been an intentional brainwashing form of advertisement to the viewers  eyes and mind.

We have been tricked into more advertisement being shown to us in multiple ways that we don’t even realize it. People think Subway is a more healthier alternative to McDonald’s because Real World cast and crew members eat unlimited amounts of Subway products. But in the actual world, Subway is considered a fast food chain in America.  Jersey Shore, a show about tanning party fanatics, is constantly showcasing characters seen drinking Red Bull on a day-to-day basis.  The actual goal  and is to help keep the cast energetic and active but in reality, Red Bull is proven to lead to heart failure and stunted growth.

The only way to solve the manifestation of advertainment being shown throughout the hour long reality TV shows, is to not be vulnerable to these advertisements. Although the empathy we have for these stars we relate to will continue, the empathy we have toward the drink they are holding or the chair they sit on, should not be allowed to have an impact on our real lives.

Entertainment and advertisement are two opposing forces that have come together to ruin entertainment and the means of relaxing without any interruptions of advertisements.  Reality TV was solely created because of the lack of money these companies had to hire a writer or buy a script.  Now, reality TV has become a means of gaining money for these companies to be able to invest in bigger ideas, like movies or a scripted series. Overall, advertainment has brought on a new concept of television but is in turn, killing the old past time of reality television.

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