Students struggle with rising gas prices

by Abigail Gurierrez 611 views0

For the past few years gas prices have been rising and continue that trend today. This causes an issue for students that attend College of the Canyons that commute from further places like the Antelope Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

So why did students with a clear commute decide to take to the freeways? Many of the students say that College of the Canyons is a beautiful campus and its very clean. Another student confirmed that she decided to come to COC because of the ability to get more classes.

The student reactions to gas prices were priceless, ranging from disheartened to flat out angry. Students say they waist at least 100 dollars a week just on gas to get to school.

Many of these students don’t receive financial aid, adding more stress about their empty gas tank. Some of the students don’t drive but they do take the train and public transportation as well. The students that do take public transportation explained how they have to wake up hours earlier than their classes just to make the right bus.

Some students are being proactive about the gas hike. One group of students suggested that more people should carpool to class, and has even pledged to start one with some fellow classmates. Another way to save money on gas is getting most classes on a day or two and only commute two days of the week.

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