On campus attack at CSUN similar to COC

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Cal State Northridge police are on the lookout for a suspect who attempted to grab a woman’s buttocks Friday night. The incident is eerily similar to a Wednesday night attack at COC.

An unidentified female said the suspect approached her, struck up a brief conversation, then hugged her, before grabbing her. The suspect fled the area. The victim contacted police and was able to provide a detailed description of the suspect.

In a flyer distributed to local media, CSUN police describe the assailant as a Hispanic male, age 20-25, medium build, short black hair and wearing a purple hooded sweatshirt.

COC Campus Safety put out a similar description last Thursday but the suspect was described as an Asian/Caucasian mix.

In that attack, a COC student was confronted in the South parking lot near Aliso Hall by a young male wearing a tan hoodie who also tried to grab her.

Last week’s incidents follow an attempted kidnapping of a COC student near Cal Arts on Wednesday, and two other assaults at Pierce college and UC Santa Barbara. ¬†Authorities have not linked these separate attacks to the incidents CSUN or COC.

If you have any more information regarding this crime you can call the CSUN P-D Investigations Unit at 818-677-3826.

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