Sustainability center shows the unsightly practices of fracking

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College of the Canyons’ Sustainable Program and Resource Center presented the movie “Gasland” Wednesday, Feb. 19 in Mentry Hall.

The film was shown to reveal the effects of fracking natural gas from the east coast area of Delaware, Pa. and New York.

“Gasland” uncovered the Halliburton loophole which was signed in 2005 that exempted natural gas drilling from the Safe Drinking Water Act, and therefore allowed companies to refrain from disclosing the chemicals used during hydraulic fracturing.

The film exhibited the devastation of wildlife, the medical ailments to the effected populations of the areas impacted by fracking and the lack of empathy and misinformation from the local governments.

Fire from faucetThe Sustainability Center’s goal is to increase awareness and give visibility to sustainability practices on campus, as well as to educate on renewable practices for our mother earth.

The Sustainable Program offers three activities a month. The next movie will be shown on March 12 in room 305 in Bonelli Hall.

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