Special needs hockey players skate in Santa Clarita

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The Special Needs Athletes and Peers Valencia Flyers hockey team caters to the special needs community in the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are over 20 athletes involved in the program, each one learning at their own pace, but as much apart of a team as any normal athlete would be.

They skate out of Ice Station Valencia, across from Valencia High School, practicing on Saturday afternoons and playing games against other local special needs teams. There are a host of volunteers at practices and games, including local youth teams and the Junior A Valencia Flyers, from which the team takes their name.

The team is apart of the American Special Hockey Association, a group that provides both therapeutic and competitive hockey to over 60 programs around the United States.

The players are a dedicated bunch, making sure they work hard and listen to their coaching staff, while also attending developmental skating classes held during the week, simply because they love to play.

Each player develops something more then skill in the game, they develop a deep seeded passion for ice hockey that they can share with every single person that has every been involved in hockey, and that is something that can’t be measured.

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