Santa Clarita residents in uproar over proposed cellphone towers

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Santa Clarita—Many residents are in an uproar over the fact that AT&T plans to place a cellphone tower directly in the middle of a Santa Clarita neighborhood.

The residents that live on Fairview Drive in the Northbridge neighborhood feel that the cellphone tower will not only be an eyesore, but extremely dangerous as well. They also believe that the radio frequencies are a potential health risk, which would contribute to the decline in property values due to the tower.

Marilyn Warren, a spokeswoman for AT&T, said that the forty two-foot tower would be disguised as a tree and the radio frequencies would be regulated.  She also said that the tower is necessary to bridge cell service gaps and emphasized that AT&T complies with all federal requirements for health and safety.

Santa Clarita City planning manager Jeff Hogan said, “ the proposed tower will enhance cellphone coverage and enhance business to business connections”. Although in favor of the tower, Hogan is aware of the residents’ concerns regarding a diminishing property value.

According to the FCC guidelines, a city can’t take health issues into consideration when deciding on cellphone towers.  FCC also regulates what is or is not acceptable.

Even though there were many complaints with the residents, the Santa Clarita Planning Commission has approved the tower.

Residents have fifteen days to appeal the decision and will not give up without a fight.  The city council will also hold a public hearing on March 5.

Hogan added that there is no intended time on which the tower will be built, but he suggested that it should be started within the next two years.

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