Santa Clarita local discovers hidden talent

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A 30-year-old Santa Clarita local makes the top 30 out of about 30 thousand contestants in an Instagram  “Turn Yourself Into A Clown” contest after discovering she had a hidden talent for face painting only four months prior to the contest.

Deanna Costa, a local Clinical Social Worker who works with people suffering from substance abuse, homelessness and the elderly, graduated from FIDM at 19 with a degree in marketing. When she was working  for the corporate office of Hot Topic she quickly realized this was not her true passion in life.

She then went to San Diego State University as an undergraduate and graduated from University of Southern California with her masters. She has been working as a Clinical Social Worker ever since and highly enjoys it, but she has always had a fascination for makeup and special effects.

“I love the idea of being able to transform someone with makeup and a costume,” Costa said.

Last Halloween, Costa decided to go to a Halloween party as a vampire. After receiving compliments about how great her makeup looked she decided to try face painting.

Costa decided to do seven days of Halloween makeup where she would post a different picture of her face paintings for an entire week. Some of these paintings included a vampire and a comic book character.

After posting for seven days she began to receive a lot of positive feedback. People began telling her they would log onto Facebook just to see if she posted anything new. Because she got such great feedback, she decided to continue face painting.

Deanna's contest submission.
Deanna’s contest submission.

When she started doing some personal research and following other special effects artists, she came across a contest put up by a well-known makeup artist with over 34,000 followers where she had to do a clown inspired face painting.

Costa decided to enter the contest, competing against over 30 thousand people making it to the top 30.

Costa also found herself competing against Stephanie Fernandez, a very popular special effects artist who inspired some of her pieces.

Deanna is glad she found something she enjoys doing.

“Social work is my passion and I love it but it’s nice to have a creative side to dabble in sometimes and that’s what face painting is for me,” Costa said.

Vote for Deanna by going on Instagram and liking the picture above on @beautybydehsonae page. You can follow Deanna on @Missydeanna and check out some of her other work.

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