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Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Brady White is currently a senior at Hart High School, and 19 years of age. White is currently a junior at Hart High School and is 17 years old. It also stated that White received scholarships from 13 universities. White currently has two full scholarship offers. The rest are universities that have expressed an interest in him. This article has been updated to reflect those corrections.

Brady-WhiteHart junior quarterback Brady White has shown a lot of upside to college scouts. Enough upside that programs like Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Colorado, Washington, Oklahoma State, Florida, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Penn State have all shown a strong interest in him, and both Colorado State and San Jose State have already offered him full scholarships.

Choosing the right school is never easy. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, and with so many schools keeping White on their radar, it seems like a lot of decision making for a 17-year old. But this isn’t your typical 17-year old high school junior. Along with his 103 overall QB rating, he holds a 4.0 GPA. And rather than sit back and fiddle through his long list of letters from one prestigious university after another, White was busy trying to capture his school’s ninth CIF championship. He did just that, but it took a more circuitous route than expected.

College scouts have already seen White’s ability to play the quarterback position at a high level.  There’s no doubt he can read defenses, fit throws into tight windows, launch bombs downfield, and move well in the pocket. But what remained to be seen was his ability to handle adversity, and lead a team to its pinnacle. As California’s No. 6 ranked team, there was no doubt this team’s pinnacle was a CIF championship. However, hopes for even a league championship deteriorated, when the team stunningly fell to rival Valencia 24-19, followed by an even more stunning 45-38 loss to Canyon.

“That was tough. Simply because we’re just not supposed to lose games like that. Big time teams don’t lose big games. And when they do, they know how to bounce back,” White said. “We didn’t do that. It was like the ultimate failure. You have an opportunity to assert your dominance [and] you come up short, and then lose the next week when you have an opportunity to show your resilience. It hurt.”

Rather than sulking, Hart had to set the knob to postseason mode the following week, and barring their disappointing regular season finish, the Indians were still one of the heavy favorites to win the city crown.

Brady White and company showed their resilience by winning their first three playoff games against Paso Robles, Palos Verdes and West Torrance, by an average of 25.6 points. In those three games, White threw for five touchdown passes, two interceptions, and a combined 554 passing yards.

In fact, in week two, White managed to throw for 490 yards, along with 7 touchdown passes, and 0 interceptions against powerhouse Chaminade. But this postseason wasn’t about statistics, it was about Hart following the leadership of their junior quarterback to a CIF title.

la-sp-sondheimer-football-20130726-001The trend continued in the CIF final in what turned out to be a rematch against league rival Valencia. For Hart, it was more than an opportunity to be named CIF champions, it was an opportunity to assert their dominance in the Foothill league. It was an opportunity for a scripted ending, not only for Hart, but for Brady White.

It has without question been an illustrious high school for the 6’2″ junior quarterback thus far, and apart from four interceptions, White managed to lead his team to a vengeful CIF championship, beating Valencia 28-21, with two touchdown passes, and 250 yards. Each of his interceptions seemed more costly than the next, but what he showed was his maturity to bounce back from each mistake.

The fifth-ranked quarterback prospect in the country has another year to add to his already high stock, and given the number of schools expressing their interest in him as a junior, he could be facing a long decision making process in the near future.

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