Don’t open that umbrella inside

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For generations superstitions have been apart of our culture. Ranging from avoiding cracks on the sidewalk to not opening an umbrella inside, superstitions have been an answer to our biggest problems and are often as a result of people believing there is something that they can do to control a situation.

Despite any common sense of rational thinking, one COC student describes superstitions as being like a “safety net,” that gives y0u a false sense of comfort.

COC athletes also have a reliance on superstitions. These superstitions mostly are focused on the idea of doing repetitive routines, like warmup chants and wearing the same clothing during a game. Athletes say that it is a “performance,” issue when they do or do not use the superstitions. ¬†That is their motivation behind them.

According to Chris Miner, of College of the Canyons’ facilities staff, her superstitions are based upon her family traditions and her ancestors. This is a common thread in many of the definitions and origins of superstitions.

Overall, we may never know the true value of superstitions but in many ways they help to provide a sense of safety and security that reinforces our cultures reliance on them.


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