COC helping students get – and stay – fit

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Student health and wellness center located at the student center at college of the canyons valencia campus.
Student health and wellness center located at the student center at College of the Canyons Valencia campus.

The Student Health & Wellness Center located at both College of the Canyons campuses provides many health services, programs, clubs and academic courses to enrolled students to keep students healthy during the school year.

Many students at COC can agree that it is difficult to find a good balance between school, family and work, as well as having a social life that many do not realize that health is just as, or even more, important to have a successful college career.

Studies taken by the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment for Spring, 2013 indicate that 57.6 percent of undergrad college students in the United States say their health is “very good or excellent.”

That means 42.4 percent of undergrad college students’  describe their general health as “good, fair, poor, or do not know.”

The reality is that many college students really don’t know on which side of the spectrum their general health falls in, which is why COC offers different programs, services, and clubs to make sure their students health is excellent.

The American Heart Association recommends adults to do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise five days a week for 30 minutes daily, three days a week for 25 minutes daily, or two or more days of muscle-strengthening exercise.

The National College Health Assessment studies also showed that only 50.1 percent of college students met the American Health Association requirements. This means that the other half of students is not getting enough or any daily exercise.

To make sure that students are getting the right amount of daily exercise, COC offers sports like basketball, baseball, swimming, soccer, volleyball and more. COC also has dance courses, which also count as exercise.

These academic courses are a good option for COC students who want to be fit and healthy while earning college credit at the same time. Students who participate in these courses will also meet the American Heart Association exercise requirements.

The services offered at the Health & Wellness Center includes nutrition counseling, mental counseling, birth control, screenings for HIV and STDs, immunizations and vaccinations, diagnosis and treatments for short-term illnesses, and many more.

It is proven that the stress of a college student can cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

A survey by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, taken by college students across the United States, shows that 73 percent of students had a mental health problem in college but only 38 percent of the students let their health advisors know about it.

Suicide prevention is also a very important and delicate topic in college, and COC offers students special attention and care.

The school provides phone numbers for emergency hotlines and important websites for students who feel troubled. This information can be found on the COC health resources page.

The dietitians, psychologists, nurses, and counselors at the Health Center are all specialized and certified in their field.  They are also completely confidential which means everything is between you and the specialist only.

Amy Silvia, the Medical Assistant at the COC Health Center, says an average of 20 students go in for an appointment daily.

“Our goal is to keep the students healthy while they study,” Silvia added.

According to Walden Behavioral Care between 5 and 20 percent of female college students and 1 to 5 percent of male college students suffer from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders during college happen because students begin dieting or students do not eat healthy enough because of lack of time to prepare healthy meals.

The “Body Mind Wellness Program” is a seminar series that touches upon many different topics. “Healthy Relationships,” “Healthy Thinking,” and “Healthy Sleep” are just a few of the many seminars that are offered through this program.

This is a free program that is offered every semester to the students and general public. More information about this program can be found here.

The Student Health & Wellness Center is located inside the student center. Office hours vary and can be found on the schools health center website. To make an appointment or more information on programs, services, and clubs call 661-362-3259.

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