Spotlight:Patrick Tague

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Patrick Tague is an adjunct professor at COC.

He brings a rich professional background in television to the media arts students at the college. He says he learns just as much from his students as they do from him.

“Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t ” spot the standouts in the group he says, as he recalls his time as producer at Channel One, where he worked with Lisa Ling and Anderson Cooper. Tague says, “It was evident that one of them would be a star, but it wasn’t as evident that the other would become the media giant he is now.”

Tague says that he did not know what to expect from young people, but he is happily surprised over and over by the well written projects he gets from his students. He wants to learn more about why young people do not watch the news anymore, and what the current television news departments are doing wrong. Specifically in relation to social media.

After asking him about his experience with his students so far and the promise he sees in the future of media and journalism, he speaks fondly of one student in particular who says wrote so well that he told the student, “If you don’t become a writer for a living, the world is going to miss out!”

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