Spotlight: Pierre Etienne

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To many Americans, having the opportunity to travel to Paris, and experience French culture is simply a dream. To Pierre Etienne, professor of French at COC, Paris is much more than a reverie, but rather, a former home.

Born in La Rochelle, on the western coast of France, Pierre has a “deep emotional attachment to Paris” and says that he feels “really fully alive” when he returns to Paris.

Pierre was drawn to the United States to discover American culture and to “better his English.” His ventures in America, brought him to study foreign languages in the United States and after attending a training session at Harvard University for aspiring romance language professors, Pierre found his passion for teaching and academia.

Throughout his career, Pierre has discovered that the single most important goal for him as a foreign language professor is to maintain “a level of enthusiasm,” emphasize that it takes effort to learn a new language, and also to use techniques that make learning a foreign language both “enriching and fun.” His teaching style harvests the “the desire to continue learning” and to further his student’s skills.

Pierre Etienne is currently the Director of the French Program at College of the Canyons and teaches French 101, 102, 150, 201, and 202.

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