Spotlight: Janelle Payongayong

by Elodie Hussein 609 views0

Yoga has been a very inspiring role in Janelle Payongayong’s life. She seems to always feel at best when she is practicing it.

This activity makes her what she is now in her life. She works really hard at it and trains to be the best she is, also makes her students be as good as she is and also as focused as she is.

When Payongayong was young she was always stressed about schoolwork and how she is going to accomplish her life goal. After discovering Yoga and getting into it, she decided to become a teacher to also let others know how it is to be the best they can. She was 10 when she started her first class and ever since she hasn’t missed a day of training.

Payongayong contributes to this lifestyle and always wants to be a better version of who she is and realize how it is to be the person she is.

On the other hand yoga is not the only thing in Janelle’s life she loves to play with her pets and hang out with friends she always seems to have a smile in her face. Anything Payongayong seems to do she does it with enthusiasm and a lot of spirit.

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