Spotlight: Don Kelley

by Faris Soudani 636 views0

In a mainstream world, though usually competing in competency or better, independent artists from all around the entertainment industry are not features you get to hear more than a quick soundbite on. They usually contribute as much or just as much to what the mainstream will eventually copy. Getting to interview Don Kelley, I got to see what life on the independent side was all about.

“I see Frankie Lymon and his crew on TV and I thought I could do that! I’m a tap dancer!” This “I can do it” attitude is what Don Kelley holds and is what many students need in order to succeed. Many don’t believe it, but just knowing you can do something makes the difference between doing and not.

“To all these students out there, I say get an internship. Getting into the field and getting around people in the industry help get you to the right place.” As advice to students, as many others do advise, getting an internship can help get you to the field according to Don Kelley.

Coming from many different fields in the industry, and facing many different obstacles, Don Kelley usually knows what he’s about. Getting to hear about the starts from his early career to what he became now is a very inspiring story for many students and people trying to get a go in the entertainment industry.

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