Spotlight: Adam Bratt

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Adam Bratt is the social studies and journalism and yearbook adviser at Rancho Pico Junior High School. He was working in the journalism field full-time for 18 years, but stopped to become a teacher to watch his kids grow up.

He thought about becoming a teacher after graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1982, but chose the journalism field because he was already working in the field. His 11th grade U.S. History teacher, Fred Shuldiner, inspired him to start teaching because of his “magic” in the classroom.

Bratt has been able to incorporate social studies with his passion for journalism in the classroom. He has a bit different approach to teaching; he rarely gives formal lessons. The students do it, and they are very successful. If there is a problem, Adam knows his students will find a way to make it right.

“Hoofbeats” is the name of the newspaper at Rancho Pico and they now have ten advertisers that help the publication. Some of those include Lady Di’s Cookies, Jersey Mikes, Milkshake Mania, Dr. Bryan Kim, Mass Support, Robeks, and Sport Clips. He gets advertisers that won’t conflict and will help financially. He has been building these advertisers since 2007.

He has been able to carve a very unique niche being a junior high journalism and yearbook teacher along with 8th grade social studies.

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