Poole sets school record in homecoming win.

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SANTA CLARITA– It doesn’t get any more of a homecoming for Cougar sophomore cornerback Lance Poole.

Originally from Moorpark, in his homecoming game, against his hometown school, Poole sets a school record for interceptions in a single game in the Cougars’ 35-17 win over Moorpark College.

Moore had not one, not two, not three, but four interceptions in the win.

Yes you read that right. Four. Cuatro. Quattro. Quatre. Vier.

It doesn’t matter what language it’s in, the number is four, and that is a COC school record.

“I was trying to bait the quarterback basically, show him a little press up so they would throw it over the top of me. Seems like the receivers couldn’t get to the ball as fast as I did, so I just had to do my thing.” said Poole on his career night.

Besides Poole’s four interceptions, COC would add two more to give them a total of six in the game.

It doesn’t seem that surprising for the number one defense in conference to have that much success.

The first half of the game wasnt all that exciting, besides the 20-yard touchdown-run from Cougar quarterback Tony Dawson, the score was only 7-3 COC.

Multiple drives from both teams were 3 and outs, and turnovers.

One big turnover came from COC running back Matt Bowen fumble at the goaline to end a 69 yard drive to give the Raiders the ball back.

“I re-iterated that thats not who we are, and I think that there was a lack of focus,” said Coach Ted Iacenda, in regards to the turnovers in the first half.

COC found there focus, as they came out hungrier in the second half.

Hungry for touchdowns that is.

Consisting of two touchdown runs from Dawson, a 65-yard screen-pass touchdown to Louis Gipson from Dawson, and a 53-yard touchdown run from Bowen.

Only giving up two scores in the second half, the stout COC defense did their part.

Dawson would end the night completing 9  of 18, passing for 157 yards and a touchdown, while also rushing for 95 yards on 14 carries for 3 touchdowns.

Bowen would lead the rushing attack for COC with 157 rushing yards on 18 attempts and a touchdown.

Next week the Cougars face a huge test, as they take on Cerritos at home.

Both teams are  undefeated in conference, and  the  game will be  the deciding factor on who takes the conference title.

“We started off slow, but we can’t do that next week, because next week we be playing some boys (Cerritos), said Bowen.

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