Stay aware with a cup of pink coffee

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The Circle of Hope held its first ever Pink Coffee event at the Railroad Café, which went pink for the event. The event was sponsored by Peace Beats a charity founded by The Master’s College student Alice Nyquist.

“I’ve known people with cancer and it is not an easy journey to go through. I just want to provide an opportunity for the community [Santa Clarita Valley] to come around those women and to show their support for those women,” said Alice Nyquist, founder and director of Peace Beats.

The charity event featured several performances from local Santa Clarita musicians and out of town singers as well.

“I am definitely a supporter of good charities that really help bring awareness, because I really do believe that each of us can make a difference,” said Di Lee.

“Well I thought [Pink Coffee event] was great because of the community and young people. I saw a lot of young people and I thought that was very encouraging to see young people address issues that may not be immediate to their world but there is a concern that everybody has for [breast cancer awareness],”said Mzuri Moyo.

Cancer is a disease that has affected most people either personally or through a third party. Nyquist and many of the performers were affected personally as well by breast cancer.

“I had a friend who had cancer last year and she was very strong through it and depended on God a lot and got through it and she is fine now,” said Alice Nyquist.

“One of my friends actually had breast cancer this year. She has been through chemo and it has been hard for her. It is a difficult thing. She has always been positive and makes jokes about it just to keep a good spirit about it. She has been a real trooper and very brave,” said Di Lee.

Nyquist founded Peace Beats, in the summer of 2012, during high school to help musicians make a difference with their music.

The event was sponsored by several local businesses in Santa Clarita. In fact, Railroad Café kept their coffee shop open four hours after their usual closing hours.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer and Circle of Hope works constantly to help woman affected by breast cancer. Circle of Hope is a non-profit [organization] in Santa Clarita and they work with women who have breast cancer, financially and emotionally.

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