Saugus wildlife meet their neighbors

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A family of three wildcats were found in the backyard of a Saugus resident’s backyard. The wildcats were suspected to be mountain lions but other Saugus residents believe they are bobcats.

“Mountain lion? I could not tell if it was a mountain lion, but we see bobcats around this area all the time,” said Saugus resident, Lucas Lezore.

The wildcats were spotted in a cul-de-sac in Tula Drive, east of Seco Canyon.

“Rather large cats just laying down and lounging and one by one they started standing up and walking away. It was apparent one was larger than the other two, so like a family. They were big about 40 pounds really short bobtails,” Lezore said.

Mountain lions typically avoid contact with people and attacks on people are seldom. In fact, in the past 140 years in California there are only 17 recorded attacks on people and six of them were fatal.

This does not mean that these wildcats are not dangerous and pet owners especially should should be wary on attacks on their pets.

“If you can make a solid fence as opposed to a chain link and rod iron fence, you are eliminating the temptation. If the lion or the bear doesn’t see your small pet he is likely to be interested in it,” said Lt. Martin Wall, a spokesperson for the Department of Fish and Game.

Wildcats sightings are common to this Saugus neighborhood and several residents have come in contact with them.

“It was about eleven o’clock at night and I saw [a] bobcat come out of my garage and run back to the canyon and stopped one time to look at me,” said Saugus resident Lise Lezore.

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