Halloween shopping in full swing in Santa Clarita

by James Franck, Staff writer 636 views0

If you haven’t noticed the change in décor in your local stores or around Santa Clarita, October has arrived and Halloween is creeping up fast. What is going to be the hot costume to get this year and where should you go for the best deal around town for tricks and treats? Well, if you are a parent on a budget the Dollar Tree has a wide selection of children’s costumes for both girls and boys. Including; Army man, Cowboys, and Ninjas for the boys and Fairy Princess, colored wigs, and sparkly wings for the girls. The Dollar Tree also has a variety of Halloween candy and accessories.

When it comes to costumes funny or scary, there are several places to choose from depending on what you are looking for. To find something simple and at a reasonable price try stores like Walmart, Big Lots, or Target.  Target has a similar selection as Walmart and Big Lots including super hero costumes like Iron Man and Captain America and novelty costumes such as, a Giant Ketchup bottle, Banana, and Gorilla. But Target has some unique foam wigs that other costume stores don’t have. These wigs are only 20 dollars and will certainly give your costume that extra over the top look. They have Bride of Frankenstein, Mad Scientist, a Roman Helmet, and Medusa, snakes and all.

Although, if there is a specific costume you are looking for the spook season like, Miley Cyrus in her wild VMA outfit or Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty show, then the Spirit Halloween store probably has it. But if not, you can always find what you are looking for online. However you might pay a higher price and be sure to order early because of the costume you want might sell out quickly.

James Franck, Staff writer

James a freelance videographer that works primarily in independent Pro Wrestling. He has traveled all over California filming independent Pro Wrestling shows. Working with federations like: Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Insane Wrestling League. And with Wrestling superstars like: Terry Funk, Mike Tyson, The Great Muta, and Mic Foley. James is also a film student at COC and film maker that has had his short documentary film," Taken in Stride", (a story about his Father's struggle), screened at the end of the year COC student showcase.

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