COC educator releases book on the evolution of Tinker Bell

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The world has known Tinker Bell for more than a century, but how did she come to be the pixie that is recognized today all over the world?

College of the Canyons educator Mindy Johnson takes us on Tinker Bell’s very own adventure in her new book, Tinker Bell: An Evolution.

In her book, Johnson’s historian side uncovers how the fairy came to look the way she does and her contribution to Disney over the years.

Johnson, who has been working in the film industry since she was college-aged, had gotten the idea for her book at the London re-premiere of Peter Pan.

“As I was going through, one of the great researchers over there…handed me a binder that had about 40 or 50 images (of Tinker Bell), all different permutations,” Johnson said.

But along with Johnson’s excitement came the unknown. She had discovered many old sketches that included different fairies, and those led to more questions than answers.

“No one…had an answer as to why there were so many different looking fairies, if they were indeed all Tinker Bell, and no one had really put the dots together and connected it.” Johnson said.

But while researching for her book, the author was able to figure out the missing pieces and answer the questions that had until then been unknown to the public.

The timing for the release of the book was just right, according to Johnson, who discovered some last minute material that made it into the final copy of the book. Some of this material includes the woman whom Tinker Bell’s final look was designed from.

Besides being an active Disney historian, musician, author and entertainer, Johnson also teaches cinema classes at College of the Canyons.

Johnson is a great teacher, according to Emily Erskin, a College of the Canyons student who is currently in Johnson’s Cinema 121 class.

“Anyone can tell she’s really passionate about what she does,” says Erskin, “which translates well in her classes because she makes the learning more exciting.”

Mindy Johnson says she is excited for the release of her newest project, and she hopes it resonates with readers the way it does with her.

Tinker Bell: An Evolution is now available for purchase at any major bookstore.

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