Canyon Country Campus hosts semi-annual star party

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On Friday October 11th, College of the Canyons hosted its semi annual star party. The eighth of its kind at the Canyon Country campus off of Sierra Highway.

Attendees had a chance to learn about astronomy, the Kepler program, and star gaze with school, and local astronomer group telescopes.

Students, enthusiasts, families, and passerby’s all attended the semi annual star party hosted by COC in Canyon Country on the eve of astronomy day this past weekend.

A few guest speakers discussed, explained, and answered questions regarding the night skies and what is out there in space.

“When I was a kid there were small events like this that took place that eventually guided me to get into science” COC instructor David Ciardi said.

With the help of astronomy and physics students in addition to some local astronomy groups, students and families were given the rare opportunity to view the night skies with telescopes at the Canyon Country campus

The event was free, with food and beverages being offered at the Canyons Café to help support the Dr. Ram Manvi Memorial Scholarship.

It was a great chance for families and students to get out of the house and attend a free educational event.

For more information regarding future star parties and or events at the Canyon Country College of the Canyons campus please go to

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