Volunteers get hands-on to launch Day of Remembrance

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HandsOn Santa Clarita is a volunteer center and non profit organization working to promote volunteers and community service throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. Sept 11, 2013, was their first inaugural day of service and remembrance.

Volunteers of all ages worked to award first responders and active military personnel. At Fire House 107, Home Depot supplied all the materials needed for the projects as well as their staff.

In addition to the labor, the Depot donated a brand new patio set with extra chairs and an umbrella.

22 volunteers at the site planted flowers, vegetables, and herbs and restored the station’s tattered benches and chairs to shiny darker fixtures.

The station was one of four locations the organization focused on. Volunteers at the new Old Town Newhall Library assembled care package duffle bags for each fire station in Santa Clarita as well as 35 additional bags for the sheriffs at Pitches Detention Center. Whole Foods supplied items needed including snacks and water as well as sunblock, socks, movies, and books for the bags.

An evening dedicated to commemorating attracted hundreds to the Valencia Town Center where military trucks and fire trucks gave the parking lot a red and blue glow.

Maddie King sang “Amazing Grace”, followed by a moment of silence.  Sirens punctuated the silence in honor of the fallen victims from 9/11.

If you would like to learn more about how to volunteer, visit www.handsonscv.org where you can find a list of opportunities and many ways to get involved.

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