The growth and future of COC is in Canyon Country

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The COC Valencia campus has grown exponentially  leading to  potential overcrowding and limited student services. But COC has plans to alleviate the issue by expanding the Canyon Country campus, and shifting most student services online.

Overall enrollment in COC has risen 8 percent the past decade but fell 29 percent the past three years.

According to the state Chancellor’s Office, there will be a COC record high enrollment of 27,000 students by 2019.

COC plans on expanding the Canyon Country campus to lure new and enrolled students to that campus.

“The Canyon Country campus that really is where the growth is going to happen: permanent buildings, classrooms [and] new expanded parking lots,” said Bruce Battle, Managing Director, District Communications and Marketing.

The registration priority system has changed due to the Student Success Act of 2012 SB 1456. The policy will now give priority registration to students who have taken student placement testing and completed their student education plan over students who have not.

COC along with other colleges have changed their registration priority system in order to comply with the law.

“[SB 1456] is revolutionary because every student needs to have a student ed plan [some students] cannot get access to counselors so how will they get a [student] ed plan and how are [they] going to get [their] registration?,” Vice President of Student Services Michael Wilding said.

COC students will now be able to complete their first semester student education plans online.

“We are going to change how we do business. A lot of of the student ed plans are going to be done electronically. [Students] will go on a computer and their will be a [program] that walks you through on how to do a simple first semester student ed plan.”

COC students who reach the 18 unit mark will be able to meet with counseling staff to finish their student education plan towards their degree.

COC will add more counseling staff in order to provide further help to students struggling to transfer or complete their degree. Students who have transferred multiple times will receive priority meeting with counselors and other students will be helped by academic advisers.

COC has created Ask Canyons a program created with Intelliresponse that will allow students to have questions answered regarding students services online. The Intelliresponse provides students with the best answers and will be able to understand slang terms and comprehend misspelled words.

SB 1456 will take effect in fall 2014 and students will be impacted by the law next June.

The Valencia campus has begun construction the final two additions to the campus, the Culinary Arts building and Student Services and Administrative building.

The Valencia campus capacity is an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 students.


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