‘Sneakerheads’ troubled by shoe sellouts

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SANTA CLARITA, Calif.- Sneaker consumerism is often overlooked. Here is insider information on how big the sneaker industry is perceived, how lucrative their selling market can be, and how dangerous sneaker releases can get.

“Sneaker-heads” around are having trouble with fact that the Nike company continues to sell out on most releases.

In 2012,  Nike’s revenue cleared all previous records it had set.

When Nike sneaker releases sellout, the shoes value increases, and  resales climb skyward.

On some occasions releases get violent.

16-year-old Juan Reyna, who was gunned down over a pair of Air Jordan shoes  he had recently purchased from the alleged gunman, 19-year-old Yusef Villanueva.

Are high-priced shoes worth the amount of violence that ensue or will Nike and shoe companies around the world commit to changing the way these shoes are purchased?

Time will tell.

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