Proposed housing development in Agua Dulce raises community concerns

by Halie Cook, Staff Writer 902 views0

Got water? Most people in the small town of Agua Dulce say no, and drought may be just the beginning of the towns water problems.

Lafferty Development Inc. is developing plans for a 30 home gated community that will be located above the Agua Dulce Airpark.

The development will require removing an existing hay field and using over 70 acres for housing.

Residents worry that 30 new homes will drop the already dwindling water table.

“I don’t think that this will do any good for the community,” Janae Ruddell said, an Agua Dulce resident and Professor at College of the Canyons.

There has been three wells drilled for the homes already and two are not on the building site.

The President of Lafferty Development, Michael Lafferty, said at a town council meeting on September 11th that the wells are producing 4 times the amount of water than needed.

The development has not set a building date but plans are expected to be completed in the next 4 years.


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