COC prepares for future emergency

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By Taylor Villanueva

College of the Canyons is taking the next step to prepare its students for an emergency situation.

Members of the school’s student services have trained college faculty and staff to ensure they can properly respond to multiple emergency situations.

Many staff members attended a training course that consisted of four different topics: how to take shelter in place, how to evacuate from your space, behavior intervention and all things emergency.

Dr. Michael Wilding, assistant superintendent and vice president of student services at College of the Canyons, said that students should expect more information on what to do during an emergency.

“What’s going to happen next with the students is we’re going to participate in the Great Shakeout, which happens in October,” said Wilding. “We’ll send everybody…a text from our emergency notification system. This is really common. Lot’s of colleges do this in California.”

The Great Shakeout is a day when colleges text their emergency notification systems to make sure students get a warning during an emergency.

College of the Canyons has continued to put effort into an emergency preparedness plan, however, many students on campus still don’t know what they would do during an emergency.

Carmen Adante, current COC student, said that she had not been informed what to do.

“No one [at COC] has told me what to do,” said Adante. “I know what we did in elementary school and junior high…but I don’t know what I would do here.”

Adante was not alone in this situation. Other students also were not aware of any emergency procedures that were put into place.

However, a few students said they had been told by staff members what to do if an emergency arises.

“My Communications teacher told me to get under the tables and stay away from the doors,” said Adreanna Filoteo, COC ¬†student.

All College of the Canyons students should have received an email Tuesday, Sept. 10 sent to their My Canyons account informing them on what to do during an on-campus emergency.


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