Spotlight: “Miss Mouse”

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Miss Mouse is a local internet radio host at RadioBuzzD. Miss Mouse has been with the station for eight months. For those of you who are wondering who Miss Mouse is, she’s Brittany Forney, a CSUN student who’s currently majoring in sociology.

If she weren’t working at RadioBuzzD she would be a full time student. Her advice to students who want to pursue a career in radio hosting,is if you see a radio personal,go up to them,give them your information and also, go to different websites and search for internships.

“When I went to their local station, they made it very comfortable and enjoyable,“ Miss Mouse says. “Honestly, there is not a single thing about hosting at RadiobuzzD I don’t like. The people there are so nice and they treat you with respect. Also, they make it feel like I’m hanging out on the station than working.”

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