Spotlight: Marc Kennedy

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Baseball – it’s America’s past time. It is even called a kids game. Cougar News sat down with Marc Kennedy, a coach at Santa Clarita’s Line Drive Baseball Academy, to find out how he helps kids turn their big league dreams, in to big league reality.

Kennedy has had a love of baseball his whole life. He started at the age of five and played at the collegiate level at San Diego State.

For the past seven years Marc has put his wealth of knowledge in the game to use by teaching the fundamentals of pitching and hitting to kids of all ages. He says that he want kids to learn the right way to play baseball they way he learned.

The major league players that inspire Marc the most are the,”little guys”. The players that weren’t necessarily born with the natural ability to play sports. The ones who had to work twice hard to get where they are in the game.

For Marc the most rewarding part of his job is when he makes a breakthrough with one of his students. It’s that moment when he has been working with a student for a while and they all of the sudden everything clicks and they get it.


Marc also mentioned many professional baseball players have come from Santa Clarita. Most notably James Shields from Heart High School, who now is the ace starting pitcher for the Kansas City Royals.

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